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Favorite MCO screenshot? I'll put it in the Skoggit rebuild.

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:41 pm
by Sub
While rebuilding Skoggit i've had to build a big string of Garages/Pits so it can work in rFactor. Now that it's mostly intact, i want to hang old MCO screenshots and other memorabilia on the walls. So if anyone here has a favorite screenshot (or two) from MCO that they want to see immortalized in the Skoggit rebuild, send em my way. Team logos, Leaderboard shots, in-game racing shots, your MCO avatar, your favorite car - whatever - If it sparks a fond memory of MCO, send it my way. There are 46 garage spots (it's ridiculous, i agree) with walls that i'll be hanging these on.

For a look at the garages, here's the post where i first started working em: ... arage.html

To give an idea: