Motor City Debug Leaderboards

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Motor City Debug Leaderboards

Post by BredCooper » Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:28 pm

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Introducing the "Motor City Leaderboard"

Hello, it became quiet around here and I thought about suggestions or ideas and how to create a Leaderboard System for the Debug of Motor City, so the Single Player to give a piece of Multiplayer Match and Competition.The root Time Trial Idea we had was great, but it's quiet now.
The Leaderboards include a Statistics Index for each Race Track ( Community Leaderboard) and a Statistics Index for the weekly Time Trial (Top Dog of the Week).I was calculating things for the basic idea.

Headlines/General Notices/Community News

New Car Dealers opened in town!New Prices comin' soon! (Community News)
Good News!Bet and win Cash! (Community News)
Welcome!Choose your favorite! (Community News)
Check out the new Turf Wars! (Headlines)
Welcome to the Community and Weekly Time Trial Leaderboards. (Community News) (Headlines)
Welcome to the Motor City Online Debug! (Headlines)
The Player Stats and Leaderboards will take record in an Excel Table. (General Notices)

Rules of Community Leaderboard

The Player can participate with any Car for any Track.The Player is allowed to change his/her Car for the Leaderboards he's/she's participating in already.The Player has to prove his/her Time Record with a Picture of the Results.

Rules of Weekly Time Trial for the Top Dog of the Week

The Player can only participate with the Car which is set by the Time Trial.The Time Record has to be proven with a Picture.The Player has one Week to set his/her best time record for the Time Trial.The Winner of the weekly Time Trial will earn the Rank "Top Dog" of the Week and will able to set the next Time Trial.

Rules of Time Turf Wars

A Club of 4 Players takes part in a competition with another Club with 4 Players.The Clubs have a limited duration of time to set their best times on 4 different tracks.Each Player of a Club gets only one race track to make a record, the club can decide who will participate in what race.The Results of both clubs will be compared and the Club with the most best times wins the Turf Wars.

Notices: Players can race the track as often as they want before they send in the final club results.However, when a Club has sent in the final results, they can't send in new results!
The Results must be send in as pictures of the race results.

Open Trials

Each Player has to challenge a list of tracks and set his best time.Beat the current record to become the new leader.The higher your level, the more Time Trials you can challenge.

Sponsored Trials

Each Player has to challenge a list of tracks and beat the record.In Sponsored Trials the racer will get a borrowed car.The higher your level the more Sponsored Trials you can challange.

Welcome!Choose your favorite!

Welcome, where do you wanna move? Uptown,Midtown,Crossroads or City Center?
Choose your place to live now!

Uptown Population: 0
Midtown Population: 0
Crossroads Population: 0
City Center Population: 0
Mercer Isle Population: 0
Madison Park Population: 0

Notices for the Leveling Up System

Each Player starts with 0 Points, the Player has to earn Points til his next level up.After the Player reached a new level, he/she has to start from 0 Points and earn the Points for the next Level again.

Notices for Rank System

The Player earns Points, at a specific amount of Points the Player reaches a new Rank.When reaching a new rank, the Player has not to collect from 0 Points again!

Notices for Community Leaderboard

Each Race Track has a Leaderboard.The Player can participate in as many as he/she want.Currently there's just one Leaderboard for the testing of this system.If the Player sets a new personal record he/she should take a picture and post it here to earn +50 Points.

Community Leaderboard

Position - Player - Car - Total Time - Best Lap - Top Speed

Weekly Time Trial for the Top Dog of the Week Leaderboard

Position - Player - Car - Total Time - Best Lap - Top Speed

Player Stats

Player -/- Rank -/- LvL -/- PTS -/- Next Rank -/- Next Level
BredC -/- Newbie -/- 1 -/- 0 -/- 2,500 -/- 500

Community Leaderboard Point System

Points per first participate: 100 Points
Points per Personal Time record: 50
Points per new position: 150
Points for the new Leader: 250

Weekly Time Trial for the Top Dog of the Week Point System

First Place: 250 Points
Second Place: 200 Points
Third Place: 150 Points
Fourth Place: 100 Points
Fifth Place: 75 Points
Sixth Place: 50 Points
Seventh Place: 25 Points
Eigth Place: 20 Points
Ninth Place: 15 Points
Tenth Place: 10 Points
Under Position 10: 5 Points

Level System

Level 1 (Earn 0 Points)
Level 2 (Earn 500 Points)
Level 3 (Earn 1,000 Points)
Level 4 (Earn 1,500 Points)
Level 5 (Earn 2,000 Points)
Level 6 (Earn 2,500 Points)
Level 7 (Earn 3,000 Points)
Level 8 (Earn 3,500 Points)
Level 9 (Earn 4,000 Points)
Level 10 (Earn 4,500 Points)
Level 11 (Earn 5,000 Points)
Level 12 (Earn 5,500 Points)
Level 13 (Earn 6,000 Points)
Level 14 (Earn 6,500 Points)
Level 15 (Earn 7,000 Points)
Level 16 (Earn 7,500 Points)
Level 17 (Earn 8,000 Points)
Level 18 (Earn 8,500 Points)
Level 19 (Earn 9,000 Points)
Level 20 (Earn 10,000 Points)

Rank System

Newbie (Earn 0 Points)
Amateur (Earn 2,500 Points)
Intermediate (Earn 5,000 Points)
Pro (Earn 10,500 Points)
Tycoon (Earn 22,500 Points)
Ace (Earn 52,500 Points)
Top Ace (Earn 95,500 Points)

Time Turf Wars Rewards System

Each Player of the Winner Club earns: 1,500 Points
Each Player of the Loser Club earns: 250 Points

Cash System

Level 1 = 550 $
Level 2 = 650 $
Level 3 = 750 $
Level 4 = 850 $
Level 5 = 950 $
Level 6 = 1,050 $
Level 7 = 1,150 $
Level 8 = 1,250 $
Level 9 = 1,350 $
Level 10 = 1,450 $
Level 11 = 1,550 $
Level 12 = 1,650 $
Level 13 = 1,750 $
Level 14 = 1,850 $
Level 15 = 1,950 $
Level 16 = 2,050 $
Level 17 = 2,150 $
Level 18 = 2,250 $
Level 19 = 2,350 $
Level 20 = 2,750 $

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